The Gift of Authenticity

When we talk about going back to the U.S. - if we go back - one thing that we weigh carefully is where we will be able to continue living openly with zero fear for our safety and livelihood. But the truth is, no matter where I live, I have forever lost the capacity to closet a single frayed and shimmering thread of my queer self.

One of the greatest gifts I received when, nearly 2 decades ago, I crossed the threshold of coming out, is the freedom to never again pretend to be someone or something I am not. This is me, aging, woo woo, curious, tender and defiant lesbian who is wonky in ways sometimes wonderful and occasionally worrisome. It was through faith in God and trust in my own human experience that was I able to take the first tentative and later confident strides toward that threshold.

May God’s gifts of radical acceptance and authenticity find you when you are ready to receive them.