The unseen scene

February Writing Prompt

We are going to begin February with a writing prompt.

Here we are at the beginning of February, deep in the cold with the tiniest hints of spring just around the corner. February 1st in the Celtic calendar is Imbolic and the Feast Day of St. Bridget of Ireland. These days mark the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Today in America folks will lurk around the front porch of poor old Punxsutawney Phil to see if he sees his furry little shadow. There is a growing anticipation for winter to be over and the first shoots of spring to appear. Though we can not yet feel or see spring, we do know it is on the way.

Look through some photos on your phone, your computer or better yet, a photo album with printed pictures from long ago. Try to find one that is bursting Winter, Spring or simply one filled with deep meaning for you. Sit quietly and look carefully at the image you have chosen.

In your journal, carefully describe what is NOT in the photograph.